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LABEL Shop 2011XLB


Machine, Adapter & Case


LABEL Shop 2011XLB

A portable, affordable industrial label printer with revolutionary new features. Uses the same tape supplies as previous K-Sun LABELShop® printers. Includes new PeelGuard™ Label Trimmer option. This built-in device rounds label corners on-demand providing greater peeling protection and more professional looking labels. Other new features include a larger QWERTY style keyboard and bigger LCD display panel for easier text entry and editing functions. Printer offers new thermal transfer print quality for more durable industrial labels that resist fading, scratching, moisture, heat, chemicals, UV exposure and cleaning fluids. The 2011XLB has internal storage of 5,000 characters/99 files and contains 14 different fonts for multiple industrial and office applications. Prints 6-Bar Code formats (Code 39, 128, ITF, UPC-A, UPC-E & CODABAR), horizontal and vertical labels, multiple industrial, safety and office symbols, repeat printing, and up to 8-lines of text. A molded handle makes portable use easier. Printer runs on 6-AA batteries or AC Power Adapter that meets new California Electrical Energy Reduction requirements effective 1 July 2006.

Label Shop Supplies

LABEL Lab Mini


LABEL Lab Mini

The K-Sun LabelLab® MINI is a durable hand-held unit weighing under one pound, making it ideal for on-the-spot labeling jobs. Mark a wide variety of items for personal and industrial use with a choice of 3 tape widths and up to two lines of text. For enhanced label clarity, include symbols from the 70, built into the machine. Even though its a small labeler, don’t be fooled, it’s packed with labeling power!

Label Lab Mini Supplies

LABEL Lab 9600Ki

The powerful, portable, industrial, K-Sun labeling system.


LABEL Lab 9600Ki

K-Sun LABELlab® 9600Ki has advanced abilities enabling the download of label designs and the transfer of images and graphics, the 9600Ki allows you to label in more ways than ever. Providing notebook-style portability, easy to apply crack and peel labels, and high-resolution bar code printing, the 9600Ki is the ultimate industrial labeling solution - perfect for inventory control, patch panel identification, asset management, laboratory labeling, general labeling, telecommunications, plant maintenance and repair operations and pharmaceutical labeling applications. The 9600Ki boasts professional quality 360 dpi resolution, making it easy to produce sharp, legible type that includes bar codes or serial numbers for everything from small circuit boards to large 1.5" high signs. The 9600Ki is both PC and MAC® compatible.

Label Lab 9600Ki Supplies

Machine dimensions 9.3"x 11.9" x 4.1"
Machine weight 4.8 lbs
Keyboard Mid-sized/ Standard
Battery operation Rechargeable
Computer Interface PC & Mac
Print resolution 360 dpi

Case Yes
Adapter Yes

Color/ Combos 71
Sizes 6

Fonts 10
Type Styles 12
Lines of Type 16
Bar Codes Yes

K-Sun 9000Xxl



K-Sun 9000Xxl Thermal Transfer Printer

9000XXL Thermal Transfer Printer: This high speed thermal transfer printer is the most effective and easiest way to produce high-quality, durable markers. The PipeMarker V2™ Software does print to standard ink jet and laser printers, however the length and durability of markers printed on office printers is limited. At print speeds up to 2 inches per second, 200 dpi print quality, the 9000XXL can produce batches of markers or just a few in moments.

9000Xxl Printer Supplies

  • Prints on 2" and 4" wide vinyl tape

  • 11 tape colors and 5 ribbon color

  • 4-way print pattern text, graphics, barcodes (0,90,180,270 deg.)

  • Easy To Load roll and ribbon path

  • Prints all fonts available in your computer

  • Vertical and horizontal font expansion

  • Serial / Parallel port connection

Pipe Marker PRO



The MaxiSoft® Pipe Marking Solution is the most complete and professional marking system for pipes, conduit, utility cables, valves, hoses and tubes. PipeMarker V2™ allows you to choose from over 500 pre-formatted markers or create custom markers by combining text, warning headers, serialization numbers, flow arrows and more. Markers print using the K-Sun 9000XXL Thermal Transfer Printer and PolyDurable® Supplies with chemically matched resin printing ribbon. Markers are self-adhesive and aggressively adhere to a wide range of surfaces indoors and outside. With PipeMarker V2™, the K-Sun 9000XXL Thermal Transfer Printer and PolyDurable® Printing Supplies, you have the most flexible and powerful in-house pipe marking solution.

  • Create durable, permanent, professional markers using the pipe Marking solution

  • Mark pipes, conduit, utility cables, valves, hoses, and tubing systems—on demand

  • Choose from pre-formatted, standard markers or create virtually any custom marker

  • With the MaxiSoft® Pipe Marking Solution, you receive compliance help from the software, which eliminates guesswork of whether your markers or tags comply with safety regulations

  • Markers and tags printed with the 9000XXL are ready-to-mount instantly, and aggressively adhere to a wide range of surfaces

  • Supply rolls for the K-SUN 9000XXL Thermal Transfer Printer are made from K-SUN PolyDurable® base material. This unique all-weather material has been manufactured to withstand the harshest environments while keeping its professional look


Maxi Soft Label Max

The MaxiSoft® system gives you the best source for producing chemical labels in-house and on demand. The labels produced with the MaxiSoft® solution cost less than customized pre-printed labels from a catalog or vendor. Plus, you can print one at a time, or an entire batch. The labels you print can accurately reflect the MSDS information that is sometimes unique to your company or your facility.


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