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ISSUE  IT                                          $99.95

  • Color changing adhesive badges expire in 1 day
  • To activate expiration, apply a timing circle sticker to adhesive badge
  • No hardware, software or electronics needed
  • 'Apple' timing covers expire in 1 day
  • 1000 adhesive badges & 1000 Apple timing covers

LOG  IT                                             $259.95

  • A complete manual entry solution for controlling visitor access
  • Simplify visitor management: as visitors fill out the log, their information is simultaneously transferred onto the adhesive badge—you keep the log, they take the badge
  • The badge is temporary, the record is permanent
  • To activate badge expiration, simply apply Timing Circle to adhesive badge

RECORD  IT                                    $695.00       

Includes: LOG IT  plus

TEMPbadge Visitor Management Software

The TEMPbadge® Visitor Management System makes it easy to register visitors, print badges, and keep track of visitors, contractors, and temporary employees. Print professional looking badges in seconds. The Windows® based software has 4 pre-designed badge layouts and 7 pre-designed reports, or you can custom design your own layouts or reports. The Emergency Evacuation Report has a quick print button so the report can be used to account for visitors in an emergency.

PRINT  IT                                         $995.00


Includes: RECORD IT  plus

Dymo® LabelWriter® 400 Turbo Printer

  • The fastest label printer available
  • Prints professional looking visitor badges
  • 55 badges per minute print speed
  • Excellent print quality for text & graphics
  • Direct themal printer requires no ribbons, toner or ink cartridges


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