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Introducing the Polaroid

System 5500

Polaroid System 5500 includes:

  •  ID Card Maker Software

    • Powerful, secure identification features let you create single and double sided badges, adding bar codes and magnetic stripe encoding fir integrated applications. (access control, time & attendance, cafeteria, library & much more) Incorporate any combination of portraits and signatures to any card, using standard Windows compatible capturing hardware. Capture 24-bit color images using integrated digital camera, live video, or TWAIN interfaces. Manipulate those images with "ghosting and see-through effects, adding more duplication deterrents.  You can resize the images while you are viewing them i the application or when you are designing the badges. Keep all of these records on a flexible, virtually unlimited database, and ensure their security with ID card Maker's multiple levels of password-protected access.

  • Polaroid P5500 Card Printer

    • The P4000 is Polaroid's faster, high volume ID card printer that has an optional auto two sided printing capability. You can issue personalized cards on the spot, because the Polaroid P5500 prints sharp, readable bar codes, ID photos, graphics and text, edge-to-edge, in seconds. Its space-saving, small footprint design is the perfect choice for desktop and countertop applications. Printer ribbon synchronization is automatic, eliminating the need for operator intervention. An easy to change, self-cleaning cartridge thoroughly removes dust before printing minimizing missing dots and color registration problems.

  • Polaroid Image Capture with Digital Camera

    • Polaroid's Image Capture with Digital Camera makes it easier than ever to capture and download images onto a computer. It offers high quality digital images with 4 mega pixal resolution. The Image Capture has both an optical viewfinder and a LCD monitor that allows you to record, playback or delete images. It also includes traditional camera features, such as a built-in flash and self timer. The Image Capture intergraded driver allows for direct image capturing through the ID Card Maker software drastically cutting the time it takes to capture, save & import an image.

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