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School ID Card Samples and Ideas



You're in total control of the look of your ID cards and you can design as many different cards as you want.  Make your ID system useful throughout the entire school.  Use the bar code on an ID for use in the cafeteria lines, in the library, and in the office for checking in and out. Check out our bar code readers page.  Change the background color of the ID for each grade level so that teachers and administrators can tell from a distance what grade the student is in.  Put the school year on the ID, that will make the ID cards expire each year.  The more useful and attractive the school ID is, the more apt that student is to be more

Student ID Cards
  • Student Name
  • Grade Level
  • ID Number
  • Bar Code
  • Photograph
  • School Name
  • Any Logo
  • School Year
  • Background Colors
  • Put any information you want on the card
Hall Passes
  • Specific to Teachers
  • Specific to Clubs
  • School Name / Year

Visitor Passes

  • Who should be on your campus
  • Time / Date
  • Visitor Number
Printing on Back of IDs
  • Advertising
  • Football Schedule
  • Mission Statement
  • School Crest
  • If found...return to
  • anything you want
Other Cards
  • Season Sport Pass
  • Spirit Cards
  • Player Cards
  • Team Cards
  • Game Schedule Cards
  • Club Cards
  • Fund Raising
  • Prom Pic Cards
  • Activity Cards
  • Honor Roll Cards
  • and much more



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